Motivational Stories

Story 1

I am in my sixties. My main hobbies are golf, gardening, walking and going to my fitness classes. In 1990 I started playing golf and always looked forward to the weekend to meet my friends, play a fun round of golf and enjoy a meal afterwards.  As I got a bit older I felt that…..

Story 2

It is about 8 years since I did any proper exercise. I used to go to yoga and keep fit classes and yes I thoroughly enjoyed the classes.  Then I wanted to change my career so I had to go back to study and I found this hard as I had never worked on a…..

Story 3

I am very fortunate in that I have not had any illness or physical challenges to overcome.  I have, however, never been a person to go to the gym and push myself into doing a hundred sit-ups or hours on the machines. In fact I’d hate that. What I prefer and have found works for…..

Story 4

My name is Pauline and I’m 33 years of age.  I was very lucky as a teenager and in my early twenties to have a quick metabolism so I could eat whatever I liked and never seemed to put on weight. I wasn’t sporty or didn’t do much exercise at all.  In my later twenties…..

Story 5

Two years ago I attended my G.P. with a concern I had about my health.  I was duly referred to a hospital consultant and after some tests I was informed that I had a malignant tumour in my womb.  I was transferred to the care of an oncologist and eventually had a full hysterectomy.  This…..

Story 6

Approximately four years ago I joined the League of Fitness classes which I attend two evenings a week for approximately an hour each evening.  The classes are designed to keep your body flexible through stretching exercises etc.  These exercises are performed with the help of music which adds to the enjoyment of doing them. A…..

Story 7

When I got severe chest pains while playing golf in late 2001, an ambulance was called and I was taken to A&E in Beaumont Hospital.  I was diagnosed as having suffered a severe heart attack that could have been fatal if I had not received immediate treatment. Over the following two weeks I underwent various…..

Story 8

I always had an interest in sport both as a spectator and being actively involved in both solo and team sports. As a kid I used to do athletics at community, club and school level.  I played basketball and netball when I got older. Then I stopped, I thought I was too cool for sports…..

Story 9

In July 2004, I was on holiday in Sydney, Australia.  I noticed that numerous office workers spent part of their lunch break running the city streets and the botanic gardens located beside the famous Sydney Opera House. As a tourist strolling around that area of the city, I felt eclipsed by these energetic and fit looking Aussies.  It…..