I've been going to Nora's classes for over 3 years now, and have always enjoyed the workouts, the music, the craic and of course, the results!
However, it was only when I sustained a lower back injury earlier this year that I realised how lucky I was to know Nora. She gave me special exercises to do at home and adapted the exercises in class so I could continue training without exacerbating my injury. I don't know what I would have done without her; she took the time out to design a personal exercise program for me and set me on the road to recovery - something that hours of costly physio certainly didn't do!
So needless to say I can't recommend Nora highly enough - for any level of fitness or ability, she will get you motivated to achieve the results you want, at your own pace and in a fun & friendly environment. Thanks for everything Nora!!!

Janet D

Nora has literally turned my health, fitness and life a full 360 degrees and for that, I will be forever thankful. With her excellent guidance, positivity and support I have learned to control my chronic shoulder and neck pain. I haven't had a physio session in over 10 months!

Emma Doyle

The class segments are conscientiously put together each week by our amazing instructor Nora, each seamlessly carrying through to the next and complementing the one before. This class has endless benefits for both the mind and the body and leaves me feeling like I can take on the world afterwards!

Siobhann Moran

I have been going to Nora's classes for the last 5 years and can't recommend her highly enough. Don't be fooled by her gentle manner and the relaxed atmosphere in the class - You really get results! Apart from toning up, I'm also fitter and more relaxed since joining her class. Thank you Nora

Orla Dunne

I love Nora's classes that's why I do 3 classes each week! The Yoga/Pilates is a lot tougher than it appears but it is such a lovely atmosphere the candles and music, it’s worth the effort to take the time out for yourself it will really help with your sleep. I hope someone who has half a notion to take the step to join reads this and goes for it. Just come along one night for a trial and I bet you will be back for more!

Frances Mc Grath

Nora’s Circuit classes are both effective and enjoyable. It’s great to finally find a class that is both focused and fun! After 11 weeks I’m feeling fitter and have more energy. My Monday evenings have been transformed!

Niamh Fahey

I enjoyed the classes so much that I now do 2 classes per week. This is the first fitness class I’ve done where I’ve felt totally comfortable and I really like the personal attention you can get especially when some of the exercises are new to me. It’s great to be able to catch up on missed classes if you have something else on. Nora is a gentle and friendly instructor who encourages all the participants and entertains us with her varied musical choices!!! Deirdre at reception should be working for Bord Failte – you can’t beat her welcome! I would definitely recommend the classes – especially for beginners like me!

Duana Quigley

Sign up quickly for these classes with Nora, you won't find a more competent and caring instructor.. super music..great fun.. Most loyal members have been attending her classes for some years now. Do it now, they fill up fast!

Catherine Daly

Nora really puts huge thought and preparation into her classes and it shows. The variety in exercises, music and equipment is brilliant. I am really toning up, feel fit and energetic, which I need to be with a full time job and 2 small children. She really listens to your suggestions and understands yours needs in an exercise class.

Deirdre O'Neill

Nora runs her classes in a relaxed friendly manner but also ensures all participants gain the maximum benefit. All instructions given are clear and concise. I have MS and was initially worried that the class would not be for me. The one to one attention given by Nora allows me to enjoy a really satisfying class suited to my abilities. My energy levels have risen dramatically and I have toned up my whole body. I would recommend Nora's classes to participants of all levels and abilities.

Elizabeth Greene Murray

I have been attending Nora's classes for 1 year and it's the best decision I have ever made regarding fitness and well being. I feel much fitter, toned, more flexible and have lots more energy. Nora varies the classes each week so you never get bored and are guaranteed a superb workout. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and the music choice is wonderful. Thank you Nora for your professionalism and great sense of humour.

Moira Dolan

Nora's classes have become an integral part of my week. I look forward to each class with expectation of pain and aches with fun and good company. Her training programme has helped me in getting into shape and certainly generated confidence and the feel good factor. The members are also very much part of the programme, some singers(Deirdre) and regular comments by certain individuals make the class go fast. I have many new friends, with some after class social entertainment. The music of the seventies, eighties and modern days help so much with the workouts. Thank you.

Kathleen Sally

I have been attending Nora's class for over six years now. It has become a part of my weekly routine now but a part that I really look forward to!
It has made a difference to the quality of my life. It clears my head (no matter what is going on) and has increased my fitness level. The classes help with the stress and strain of life. In addition my attendance is helped by the great atmosphere in the class- it makes participation so easy and enjoyable. Nora's personality and excellent teaching skills brightens up even the dreariest of evenings and makes attendance at her class a most pleasurable and beneficial 'must do' in my weekly routine.

Margaret O'Connor

A really enjoyable class. Great exercises and you can feel and see the results. Nora is an excellent instructor, and what impressed me is that she has time for each person, making sure they do the exercises correctly and taking into account any injuries. Well worth it!

Elaine Fitzpatrick

I wanted to improve my fitness levels to have more energy but dreaded the thought of going into a gym. I emailed Nora who offered me a free trial. The atmosphere is friendly and I was introduced to other participants on the first evening. All exercises are varied each week and tailored to everyone’s level so they are easy to follow.

Leonie Vesey

I have never been to one of Nora’s classes; instead I have had the pleasure of knowing Nora for quite a few years. She had told me that if ever I wanted help, she would be there and boy did she mean it! When I decided that I had enough of being so large and unhealthy, there she was just like she said. She wrote a programme for me that she updated every week so I would have something different to do. I truly owe this wonderful person my life, for when I fell sick some years ago, I had by that time both the strength and stamina to withstand it and come out feeling better than I have in my life time. She is dedicated to her clients, she is an excellent instructor, who is very kind, caring and is so passionate about her work. I would like to say thank you to you and let you know, you are the greatest. xxx

Kathleen Maguire

I'm guilty of being one of those who signs up for a fitness class to keep a New Year's resolution but can never quite seem to stay the course as laziness usually gets the better of me! However, when I decided to join Nora's Glasnevin class about five years ago, I was immediately impressed by her enthusiasm and her personal approach. She knew everyone by name after only a few classes and clearly put a lot of care and effort into preparing her classes. The workouts vary weekly and Nora allows for those with past or current injuries by demonstrating alternative sets of exercises. When I myself unfortunately sustained severe injuries as the result of a car accident, Nora very kindly made it her mission to help me regain my mobility and strength with one-to-one weekly exercise routines at my workplace. She did this in her own free time and wouldn't take anything in return. Her generosity with her time and expertise and her genuine passion for helping others regain their fitness and energy is awe-inspiring! Thank you Nora!

Siobhan Moran

We have all found Nora's lunch time classes of great benefit to us. We feel healthier, energised and much more positive after the workouts. The convenience of having the class in our workplace enable us to fit them during our lunch hour and we also appreciate not having to rush home to change and get ready to go out again. We all thoroughly recommend the classes to anyone who just wants to look and feel better!

Sadie Mc Govern

Well what can I add to the testimonials that have been written before my one. They highlight all the reasons I love my Monday and Wednesday classes with Nora. The professional way in which they are conducted, the lovely atmosphere and the interest from Nora in each persons individual needs are second to none. It's like going to a session with a friend who understands and brings out the best in you, and you come away with all the benefits of that!

Frances Mc Grath

This is my 2nd year attending Nora's classes. I do it twice a week . Nora is brilliant & the people at the class are great and we have some fun as well as doing our fitness program . Due to illness I missed a term , when I went back to join for new term Nora said no charge as you were sick . How good is that ?? When we finish our spring summer classes Nora organizes for us to walk twice a week for one hour and gives up her time to walk with us & maps different routes for us . Nora your the best

Anne Rooney

I really enjoy your classes- there's such a lovely friendly atmosphere & I like the way we do different exercises/stretches every week. I like running but can get boring. I definitely see a result from this toning class especially on my arms & stomach:-) Thank you.

Ita Heverin

I have been attending Nora's class for 4 years now, it is a great class. It tones up those difficult areas like the top of your arms, stomach, etc...Best class I have ever attended.

Deirdre O'Neill

I work in an office 5 days a week and go to Nora's Toning class once a week. The class really loosens me up and relieves tension. I' ve also gone down a dress size from 12-14 to 10-12 happy days...Thanks again Nora.

Karen Treacy

Nora runs Toning Classes in my workplace at lunchtime a few times a week. This is a great way to break up the day and as Nora is flexible I always catch up the classes I've missed because of work commitments.

Geraldine Fisk

What could be more beneficial than Yoga and Pilates combined, along with a stress-busting Tai Chi-style warm-up and a relaxation session added in?! All to carefully selected uplifting music and in a cosy, candlelit ambience - perfect!

Siobhan Moran

I would thoroughly recommend these classes, they are great fun, the music is always superb - Nora is a great dj as well as fitness instructor and if you are looking to meet a great bunch of people, as well as getting fit at the same time, this is the class to attend.

Emma Doyle

I am enjoying the classes as well as toning up, I have improved my flexibility, my sleep, I met new people and enjoy the craic in the classes. Nora, the instructor is very helpful, friendly and caring. I had a sore knee and back, Nora was great to help me with exercises. The variety of the exercises and music is very good, I am getting results both physically and mentally. I feel great after working out. Thanks Nora for your help and advice.

Julie Ann Treanor

I’ve been attending Nora’s classes for 7 months, increasing from 1 to 2 classes per week when I realised how much benefit I was getting. I have toned up and lost some weight in a friendly, welcoming environment. There’s a lovely combination of exercises and relaxation after the Yoga/Pilates class which always makes me feel more flexible, g rounded and relaxed. Nora’s skill and sense of humour make exercising fun :-)

Noreen Keane

All fitness Dublin got me toned into shape in no time. The classes are great and the instructor is fantastic.

Sarah Kaye

Going to Nora’s classes “forever”. Really enjoyable. Great craic. Lovely people. Nora achieves what she sets out to do. Toned tummy, butt and legs. All over toning really. I feel great!

Eileen Downes

I really enjoy the fitness classes, they are fun & varied. The exercises are really good for toning up those unused muscles.

Colette Brophy

The best exercise class ever and the best instructor ever. Going for 4 years and feel every muscle is now in working order. Thanks Nora.

Mary T Kelly

Started Toning class in Sept'12, can feel the difference already. Nora is a very friendly instructor who makes you feel at easy whatever your level. I would strongly recommend her classes.

Norah McEntee

All Fitness Dublin: A great class with a great instructor and friendly members. Can't lose except inches! Trainer genuinely interested in well being of members and we would highly recommend the class.

The Butler Sisters

Great class - plenty of variety with different exercises/routines each week. You'll feel great afterwards!

Bernadette Carty

I have been attending Nora's classes for the past 4 years and hate if for any reason I have to miss a class. The routine includes standing and floor exercises, stretching, relaxation, all delivered by Nora in a very professional manner. The great thing is that they deliver results as well as being enjoyable.

Mary Duggan

I' ve been attending All Fitness Dublin for the past 3 years & think it's a fantastic class. I've tried Aerobics/Pilates/Yoga classes but none of them have measured up to Nora's toning class. Nora's classes have a good mix of exercises and give you a full body workout. She also modifies exercises to suit anyone with an injury which I find great as I suffer from lower back problems. Since joining the classes I have gained more flexibility & strength in my back as well as all over toning. At the end of some classes Nora also does some relaxation which I find brilliant for relieving the stresses of the day. The classes are also lots of fun and you get to meet great people and stay fit at the same time. What's not to like!!!

Jill Maher

Like a lot of people I had tried Gyms, Dance Classes, Aerobics etc...but I never really got results or enjoyed them. I joined All Fitness Dublin 6 years ago and started to enjoy exercising for the first time ever! Classes are always different, music is great and it’s always fun!! I started to see results within a few weeks and lost the weight, inches and destressed:-) I have maintained the results which I never managed before. Now I am really hooked! I look forward to year 7.
Thanks Nora!!

Shauna Williams

I would like to say that Nora's classes are great, I enjoy them so much. I always feel energised and look fit. The members are all good people and fun too:-) Your kindness and hard work is most appreciated, thank you so much Nora:-)

Joan Carroll

I have been going to Nora's classes for the last two years and consider them a fundamental part of my weekly regime which I thoroughly enjoy. The level of care and attention to detail is to a very high standard, something I have not found in other venues. The exercises are varied and elevated for the duration of the course. Nora is aware of any injuries, cognisant of each individual's abilities and weaknesses. The atmophere is jovial, warm and pleasant. I find myself privileged to have discovered this exercise class and the charismatic teacher giving it.

Pearl Kelleher

I joined Nora's class in 2004 - my first experience at a fitness class and I loved it from the start. I could not believe how quickly the hour passed and how many different exercises we did in the time - you get a full body workout. The atmosphere is terrific - nice good humoured people attending and the music, like the exercises change each week so you never get bored. Nora is a very knowledgeable instructor who explains and demonstrates the exercises really well - If you have an injury she explains how the exercise can be altered to facilitate your injury - she is a positive, funny and kind person and has helped many people go through physical and mental challenges. If you are thinking of joining a class I recommend you give this one a try.

Deirdre Brennan

I started going to All Fitness Dublin 3 years ago, I have been to other classes but haven't enjoyed them as much as this one. Always feel great afterwards & if you miss a class Nora gives you the option to catch up in another class which is great and very convenient.

Dee Fitzgerald

Nora's classes are great! I feel so much better because of them-both physically and mentally! No matter how tired and stressed I am going to the class, I always feel better afterwards! Nora is one of the most positive people I have ever met - She teaches everything with a smile!

Susan Corrigan

Nora does "what it says on the tin" and the music is great too !

Bernadette Cox

I started the class in September and I am enjoying it so much. I can feel the difference in my clothes already and I am going to go again in January. The atmosphere is so friendly and Nora changes the exercises so you don't get bored. If you miss a class you can make it up by going at a different time or venue. From warm up to weights to floor exercises then stretches and relaxation you go home feeling great.

Marian Finglas

I have been going to Nora's classes for the past 6 years and I have enjoyed every session, Nora is an excellent understanding friendly instructor. Every session springs a new regime so it never gets boring. I look forward to every tuesday and especially after the most stressful day one comes away totally relaxed and feeling very fit. Also have to mention Deirdre her excellent receptionist, in all a great social outing.

Margaret Crossan