Pay as you go option from the 3rd of April 2017:
€12 for 1 class per week
€22 for 2 classes per week
€27 for 3 classes per week

All fees (deposits and any payment made before or after the start of the course) are not refundable.

No holidays can be deducted from your fee but you will have the opportunity to catch up your missed classes before the end of the course subject to availability and if advanced notice given to the instructor.

All payments must be paid by cash or cheque.


The enrolment will take place in St Kevin’s College, Ballygall Road East, Glasnevin 10mn before your first class.

Catch Up or Change:

If you are unable to attend your class, the instructor must be notified before 12 noon that same day. You can have the possibility to catch up or change your classes within the course if advanced notice is given and subject to availability.

Class schedules may be subject to change occassionally. Please verify on the facebook page or the website blog page if the class is available prior to arriving. Advanced notice will be given when possible. Schedules will be posted on the facebook page on a weekly basis.

Medical Form:

Everyone must complete a medical form before their first class. For all serious injuries or conditions such as hip/knee replacements, pregnancies, C sections, spine or back problems…etc a medical clearance must be provided before the first class.  Should you have any particular illness or disability, please inform the instructor at least 48 hours before your session.

Check in time:

Please check in at least 5 minutes before the class begins or 15 minutes if you need to complete the Medical Form. The classes will start on time with a demonstration of the exercises so please arrive early.

Texting & Emailing

Please be very specific when sending messages by text, precise day/time of classes mentioned and sign your full name.

If sending an email please give a contact number.

Illness/ Injury:

In case of absence due to Illness/injury for a period of more than 3 weeks, a medical clearance form must be provided.
If you already have any particular injury/illness or condition you will need to discuss it with the instructor in advance (24 hour notice) so the exercises can be altered to suit your condition.

Equipment required:

A sticky Yoga mat is required if you are doing the Yoga & Pilates class; you can use any mat for the other classes.

Bottles of water available at €1

If you have any questions about the classes please feel free to contact us, All Fitness Dublin tel: 086 37 33 615.

Thank you all for your understanding.